Studio in Thurston, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk    Tel: 07432535413 

Any questions please get in touch or text me if you prefer.   Click the contact button at the top of the page, leave your details and I will be happy to contact you.

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A3 Mounted Print £50

For a bespoke and unique image which enables you to have an item which holds special memories on the wall for all to see and cherish.

For example, it maybe the shoe from a special horse which you have competed successfully on and have been proud of the results you have achieved, or it could be the collar from your favourite cat or dog.

Whatever image you choose, it will be professionally printed and mounted in a way so that there is a sparkle seen when viewing it at an angle, as can be shown in the short video below.

I have shown an example of my work using an artistic effect below, using the horseshoe of my daughters pony who at the age of 23 is still going strong !

The price  includes the studio session, editing and a selection of images, from which you can select your final image for the print.

Your image can also be printed on any item within the personalised photo gift range.  Photos shown below.

* Please note where possible, that items that you wish to have photographed will need to be delivered by hand and collected in person with the final print , as I would not want to run the risk of losing the item in the post.  Where this is not possible items can be sent to me, however an extra amount will be payable to cover the cost of returning these items by a signed recorded delivery.

From the horse shoe to the memory print


Stock Pin/Badge






Sparkle Necklace


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